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Wine Net, Pruning Machine

Wine Net, Pruning Machine Wine Net, Pruning Machine Wine Net, Pruning Machine Wine Net, Pruning Machine
Wine Net, Pruning Machine
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Gintec Grape Machine

The patented Gintec Grape Machine is the ultimate machine for laying out netting, pruning and taping the bottom of the netting for ice wines.
Wine Net, Pruning Machine
The Gintec Grape Machine is self-propelled, four wheel drive hydraulically chain driven 12" Super Lug farm use tires powered by 4 hydraulic motors. Powered by a Honda 5.5 Hp Four Stroke engine, the machine is 15 feet long and weight is approx. 1800 lbs. The entire unit can be ordered to a width of 5 feet to 8 feet, customized to your row spacing.

A gear reduction down to a master hydraulic pump is then separated into two separate flow control valves, one in the front for the drive wheel motors and one in the back for winding up netting.

The hydraulic system has a self-contained reservoir with filters completely sealed to prevent contamination.

Speed is controlled by a three way control valve located in the forward middle section of the unit and steering is accomplished manually at the same location or by the use of the feeler system. The feeler system is a unit that hangs in front of the machine and rolls on the ground. The "feelers" are adjustable and run between the row feeling the sides and adjusting the steering to keep the unit in the middle of the row without the need for a person steering the unit.

Two drop down spools in the front allows easy loading while four more rolls can be placed on the middle deck. One of the rolls can be moved to the back of the machine and hooked up to the hydraulics to allow you to reel up netting.

The two side platforms, located on each side, are height adjustable, can be moved in or out, or can be removed completely. The length of the side platforms will accommodate three people a side.

The tubular structure of the top frame is an air chamber. It is fed by a gasoline compressor and has 4 outlets (2 per side) for quick connects to attach air pruners.
Wine Net, Pruning Machine
Installing tape to the bottom of the netting for ice wine is made easier. Seats are attached to each side with a tape reel mounting system that is adjustable up and down as well as in and out. This allows one person on each side of the machine to sit at the proper height to install the tape with the tape reel close by. The feeler system allows two rows to be done at one time with only two people.

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